Permanent Marker Black LAVA
Permanent Marker • LAVA

Permanent Marker • LAVA


Key Features

▹ Black ink colour

▹ Fine 1mm pen tip

▹ Temperature resistant

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Permanent Marker Black LAVA
Permanent Marker • LAVA
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Permanent Marker • LAVA

With the Lava permanent marker, labelling is made easy and efficient for items such as labels, vacuum foils, and more. These markers are the perfect complement to your LAVA labels, vacuum sealer bags and rolls. Label all your items right on your bags or use our labels, so you know what’s in them later.

Heaps of possible uses

Permanent markers are a convenient and versatile tool for writing on various surfaces, making them a popular choice for home, office, business, and school use. They can be used to write on most surfaces, making them a reliable option for labeling, note-taking, and other forms of writing.

How to remove LAVA permanent marker ink?

To remove LAVA permanent ink of the marker is only possible from a smooth, non-porous surface. Use ethanol, methylated spirit, or isopropanol.

The following properties characterize the Original Lava permanent marker:

  • Marker pen colour: black
  • Fine 1 mm pen tip for clean writing
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof, as well as cold and heat resistant
  • Low odour and quick drying
  • Refillable
  • Especially recommended in connection with Lava Labels

You can now use the practical Original Lava marker to quickly and easily write labels and vacuum foils of all kinds. 


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