TOP-Line Vacuum Universal Lids • LAVA
TOP-Line Universal Vacuum Lids • LAVA
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TOP-Line Universal Vacuum Lids • LAVA


Key Features

▹ Top quality: 100 % free of BPA!

▹ Vacuuming with a LAVA vacuum sealer or a hand pump “Easy-Pump”

▹ Strong polycarbonate plastic, with a broad special seal


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TOP-Line Vacuum Universal Lids • LAVA

Explore LAVA universal TOP-Line Vacuum Universal Lids and experience maximum flexibility.

The practical Lava universal lids fit almost every container, pot, pan and vessel in the household with a smooth, flat edge.


It is essential to use a stable container because the high negative pressure causes enormous forces and there is a risk of injury!

Ideal for tea, herbs, pastries (biscuits, chips, cakes), vegetables, salads, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, sausage and pre-cooked food. Also perfect for sealing preserving jars or twist-off jars under vacuum. Made of unbreakable polycarbonate plastic, with a wide special seal.

Top-quality: 100% BPA-free according to the latest regulation!

Areas of application: Fridge, freezer, general storage

Vacuuming with a vacuum sealer from universal cover (D) includes a practical rotary wheel. The rotary wheel enables a day-exact date setting on the lid

From universal lid (D) with optical display for optimal vacuum

For storage under vacuum for a maximum of 3 months under optimal conditions

Size Suitable for bowls with rim
A (6) XS 4,7 bis 11,2 cm
B (8) S 7,6 bis 14,3 cm
D (20) M 16,0 bis 20,3 cm


E (23) L 20,4 bis 23,70 cm
F (27) XL 23,8 bis 28,0 cm

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