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Sous Vide Machines

Many people are increasingly enthusiastic about cooking with a Sous Vide Machine. Whether in the professional kitchen or at home, cooking aims to create the best taste experience. As part of this ambition, the sous vide method is becoming increasingly popular. Users create ideal cooking results without much effort. Once you’ve cooked Sous Vide, you can’t go without it. But what exactly is behind this type of preparation? We provide the essential information and introduce you to our high-quality machines.

The One-Stop-Solution for Sous Vide

Explore Australia’s Largest Variety of Sous Vide Sticks, Machines, Baths & Immersion Circulators. Chose from Australia’s Most Popular Sous Vide Brands, such as PreserVide, Breville|Polyscience, Sammic, Clifton, Fusionchef & LaVide.

Sous Vide Cooking

“Sous Vide” is a term that comes from France and means “under vacuum”. And that’s exactly what this method of cooking meat, fish and vegetables is all about.

Professional Meat Preparation Under Vacuum

Vacuum pack food in a cryovac bag and then cook it in a water bath at a low but constant temperature. The meat stays tender and juicy thanks to the water temperature below 90°C.

Sous Vide Cooking Checklist

✔  A Vacuum Sealer or already vacuum-packed food
✔  Heat-resistant vacuum seal bags
✔  Sous Vide Stick or Sous Vide Machine