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At HANS IN LUCK, you’ll get an idea of happiness. Team HiL is passionate, knowledgeable and has decades of experience in the business. Our prices are fair & transparent and our customer service is second to none. Enjoy the bliss of getting the right expert advice and quality devices, such as PreserVac, PreserVide, LAVA or Solis to get the job done. Don’t miss out on some very special offers at sale prices.

Brothers Grimm - HiL
Inspired by

Brothers Grimm's Hans in Luck

Initially inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s well-loved Fairy Tale HANS IN LUCK.
Our collection forever finds inspiration in all walks of life, from everyday household chores to all kinds of commercial applications.

In the story, simple Hans is indeed fortunate. He understood that less is actually more on his journey and that happiness comes from being content and living in the moment.

As easy as ONE - TWO - THREE

Happy Hospitality

HANS IN LUCK was founded to apply a sense of much-needed lightness and happiness to daily work in hospitality and domestic kitchens. A lot of attention, care, and pride make this unique online shop extraordinary and encourage us to continue developing.
You’ll find something special for everyone, and the opportunities are virtually unlimited.

Brothers Grimm - Hans in Luck