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Find Australia’s Best Vacuum Seal Rolls

Vacuum packing rolls with BPA-free multi-layer construction for food storage and Sous Vide cooking to preserve freshness and nutrients longer. In contrast to vacuum seal bags, vacuum food saver rolls for vacuum sealers do not have a fixed length. Just cut them to the size you need. The foils are BPA-free, and you can reuse the foils after use. As boil-proof and microwave-safe cryovac rolls, they are also suitable for sous vide cooking. Food can be kept up to ten times longer by vacuuming and retaining its vitamins without preservatives. Pre-cooked meals or other foods require significantly less space after vacuum packing so that more fits in the fridge and freezer. Also, you can prevent your food from freezer burn.

Vacuum Seal Rolls

Keep your food nutritious and fresh for longer with Australia’s Best Cryovac Rolls!

Hans in Luck offers vac packer rolls that fit nearly all vacuum sealing machines. Lava, Preservac, Solis and most devices from other manufacturers.

Australia’s Best Vac Seal Rolls

Hans in Luck customers should know that after they have purchased a vacuum sealer, they begin saving money that they have spent on fresh products only for them to spoil or simply decay after a certain period. However, they need a vac seal roll that helps store their food efficiently and effectively. Hence, Hans in Luck Australia is known as a company with a superior reputation in terms of quality kitchenware, including Sous Vide, Cryovac Rolls & Bags and all kinds of Vacuum Sealers.

And best of all, you save even more money when you buy your Vacuum Packing Rolls in bulk.

HiL Bulk Order Deals for Vacuum Seal Bags & Rolls
Range Discount
Mix Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls 3 – 5 5%
Many LAVA, Solis or PreserVac 6 – 10 10%
Put your needs together and save $ 11 + 15%