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Smooth Vacuum Seal Bags for Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Smooth vacuum seal bags are specifically designed for use with chamber vacuum sealers. Our bags are made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe for food storage and preservation. Unlike other vacuum bags that have ridges or textures on the surface, smooth vacuum bags are completely smooth. Whether you are storing delicate items such as fruits and vegetables or heavier items like meats and fish, smooth vacuum bags are a versatile and reliable option for your vacuum sealing needs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Smooth Vacuum Packing Bags?

Advantages of Smooth Vacuum Packing Bags:

✔️ A Vacuum Food Saver Bag with a sealed edge is ideal for use with a chamber vacuum device. A smooth surface characterizes them.
✔️ The positive thing about smooth vacuum bags is that the air is extracted from the entire chamber, which means that the contents can be optimally processed in a smooth bag.
✔️ There are various different thicknesses and formats of smooth vacuum bags on the product market, which differ according to the type and size of the filling goods.
✔️ Embossed or structured vacuum bags, on the other hand, can be used optimally for bar vacuum sealers. Devices of this type are equipped with an integrated external suction. The pump of a beam vacuum sealer can remove all the air due to the structuring of the bags.
✔️ Embossed foil bags can also be purchased in large numbers on the market.


➖ Smooth foil bags can only be used with chamber vacuum sealers – with devices with external suction, no vacuum would be created in the foils. Smooth foil bags are usually more expensive than goffered models.

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