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Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are a type of vacuum sealing machine that uses a vacuum chamber to evacuate air from the packaging and create a sealed environment for food preservation. This type of vacuum sealer is known for its ability to provide an airtight seal that protects food from air and moisture, which can cause spoilage and reduce shelf life.

Mainly Commercial applications

Chamber vacuum sealers have proven themselves in the commercial sector for decades. You will hardly find a butcher’s shop, cheese factory or hotel kitchen where a professional vac packer is not part of the standard equipment. Many organic markets and farm shops also use the advantages of a chamber vacuum sealer to vacuum their food. Previously only used in these areas, you can also find chamber vacuum sealers in the private kitchen.

Ability to vacuum seal liquids

Chamber vacuum sealers also offer the added benefit of being able to vacuum-seal liquids, which is not possible with traditional vacuum sealers. Whether you are a professional chef or just someone who enjoys cooking and preserving food, a chamber vacuum sealer is a great investment for keeping your food fresh and delicious.

Get the benefits of a chamber vacuum sealer in your kitchen

Vacuum packing of liquids

Surely you know the problem: It is hard to vacuum pack liquids with an external cryovac. In contrast, a chamber can vac pack fluids without any issues.

No special bags required

You can use inexpensive smooth bags for the vacuuming process. You do not need embossed vacuum seal bags.
A Chamber can also reseal many original packagings.

Vacuum sealing of jars

You can vacuum thick-walled jars such as preserving jars, twist-off jars or stable vacuum containers without additional tools. Ideal for preserved foods and jams for longer shelf life.