PreserVac Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls
PRESERVAC Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls • X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs • 150 microns
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PRESERVAC Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls • X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs • 150 microns


Key Features

▹X-Crossed Air-Venting-Ribs
▹ 150 microns Food Saver Rolls 
▹ Food Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
▹ Freezer & Sous Vide
▹ 100% BPA-Free
▹ Universal Fit 


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(X-crossed | 150 microns)

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PreserVac Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls • X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs

Hans in Luck is proud to introduce the Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls  • PRESERVAC X-Crossed.

Commercial Quality Vacuum Rolls for a Fair Price

Save time & money by reducing food waste and faster preparation.

Food Cryovac Rolls Embossed

✓ 150 microns   ✓ Strong 6 Layer PA-PE   ✓ 100% BPA-Free

X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs

The PreserVac Food Saver Cryovac Rolls with X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs are perfect for any food vacuum packaging.

 3 DIFFERENT SIZES (22cm, 28cm & 40cm)

We are Family

These Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls (approximately 8 inches, 11 inches & 15 inches) guarantee a long shelf life, perfect hygiene and an appealing appearance of the packaged food.

Food Vacuum Seal Rolls

Locked in Freshness

Both sides of the cryovac roll foil consist of a multilayer composite of one layer of polyamide and two layers of polyethylene. The combination of PA and PA foils combines the advantages of both materials. On the one hand, the two foil sides of the food vacuum seal roll weld together perfectly so that you can almost rule out any leakages.

Strong 150 microns Vacuum Sealer Roll Thickness

An important factor to consider when looking for good quality food vacuum seal bags is the thickness of the bags. Thicker bags are more durable and provide a better seal than thinner bags. This ensures that the bags will not easily puncture or tear, which can cause the food to spoil. The pairing of PA/PE with a film thickness of 150 microns promises the packaging to be extremely resilient. Due to the multi-layer material, the food vacuum rolls are suitable for intensive use in the fridge, freezer, microwave or for sous vide and boiling water.

Food Vacuum Seal Rolls Specifications

Brand: PreserVac
Type: Food Vacuum Seal Rolls
Name: X-Bags
Dimensions (WxL): Various widths & lengths
Package Quantity: 2 rolls
Colour: Transparent
Thickness: 150 microns
Material: PA / PE Multilayer. Premium Foil Quality
Multi-Layer: 3 layer foils (2 x 3 layer = 6 layers in total)
Foil Structure: Embossed

Food Saver Rolls Features

Embossed: YES
Suitable for External Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for Chamber Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for other Brand Vacuum Sealers: YES
Freezer: YES
Microwaveable: YES
Sous Vide: YES
Tear-resistant YES
Food-Safe: YES
Odourless: YES
Airtight: YES
Dishwasher-safe: YES
Reusable: YES
Special Features: X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs

PreserVac Food Vacuum Sealers, Rolls & Bags

With PreserVac vacuum systems, you can keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer. You can easily wash and reuse the foils. The food vacuum seal rolls are ideal for large and small food products as you can easily adjust the bag length. Besides the fact that you can always enjoy fresh ingredients with PreserVac, it also helps to avoid food waste and saves a lot of space in your fridge. The PreserVac brand has various vacuum sealing machines, associated Food Saver Rolls & Bags and other vacuum accessories in its range. In addition, sister company PreserVide offers high-quality Sous Vide Sticks. These rolls are an original PreserVac brand and are manufactured in premium quality.  

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Vacuum Seal Roll Length (m)

2 x 3m, 2 x 5m

Vacuum Seal Roll Width (cm)

22 cm, 28 cm, 40 cm

Foil Thickness

150 microns