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Cryovac Machines

External cryovac machines are ideal for low moisture foods such as meat, fish, seafood, cheese, coffee and vegetables. In every kitchen or business, Hans in Luck’s carefully selected cryovacs are practical helpers. In addition, they help to make your food last longer and thus reduce food waste.

External Cryovac Machine PreserVac PXR-K1

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Our online collection offers vacuum sealers for Domestic & Commercial use. You’ll find our vac packers not only in domestic households & kitchens but also hunters & fishermen, restaurants & catering, shops & businesses and workshops & industrial use them. Hans in Luck only selected the best vacuum packaging brands in their field for this online store. Explore Australia’s most popular brands such as Lava, PreserVac, Solis, Sammic and Henkelman. Get the right solution for occasional use as well as for larger volumes and a higher workload.

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The concept of this kind of Cryovac Machines is simple

Place the food in a cryovac bag. Then insert the opened edge of the bag into the vacuum machine. After closing the lid, the pump sucks the air out of the bag.

Firstly, and most importantly, it is necessary for models with external suction to use embossed vacuum bags. Smooth bags don’t work with standard vacuum sealers. The smooth sides of the foils are too close together. The air cannot extract through the open space, especially when the vacuum presses the two sides of the foil together.

Secondly, do not use an external cryovac machine for liquids or foods with high moisture content!
By extracting air entirely out of the vacuum seal bag, liquids get sucked into the machine. In these cases, better choose a chamber vacuum sealer. A chamber handles fluids easily. The vacuum is in and around the bag. Without the pressure difference, the vacuum doesn’t suck liquids out of the bag.