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Sous Vide Sticks

Explore Australia’s Best Sous Vide Sticks Online at Hans in Luck.

The most crucial advantage of sous vide cooking is that you don’t lose either flavours or aromas from the vacuum seal bag. The lack of air prevents oxidation, and no liquids can escape or evaporate.
Sous vide cooking can create a unique taste experience for your guests.

Sous Vide cooking in Star-Chef-Quality

Professional chefs have used Sous Vide food processing for many years. Sous Vide Sticks are relatively cheap compared to sous vide machines or sous-vide baths. Therefore, they allow the sous vide method to be used even at home.

Sous & Seal with Confidence!

However, there are significant differences in the quality of the sticks. Many devices only look good, but the operation and the cooking results are poor. So that it works properly and you can enjoy this fascinating cooking method for a long time, we recommend buying quality sous vide devices. All Hans in Luck Sous Vide Machines have been carefully selected and guarantee satisfaction.

More about Sous Vide Cooking

The title of the Sous Vide version comes from French and means “in a vacuum”. It is a method of preparing food at low temperatures without access to air. This method is suitable for preparing meat, vegetables or fruits. Low-temperature cooking does not destroy nutrients and vitamins or dry the food. The result is tender and juicy beef or carefully prepared vegetables without losing colour and vitamins. Vacuum pack the prepared food in heat-resistant vacuum pack bags with spices and other ingredients that add flavour and aroma to the raw food (such as butter). It is then placed in a bath, evenly heated at a certain temperature for a certain time through an immersion circulating head. Because the bath temperature does not exceed the boiling point, there is no risk of overcooking or overheating. In the case of meat and other foods, you can combine Sous Vide with baking in a pan or grill. You can also use the Sous Vide method to extend the shelf life of food. Ready-made meals do not have to be used only for immediate consumption. After cooling to approximately 3°C, they can remain prepared in the refrigerator while maintaining full flavour and nutritional value for up to 4 weeks.