Vacuum Bottle Top (1 piece) • LAVA

Vacuum Bottle Top (1 piece) • LAVA


Key Features

▹ Fits bottlenecks of 18-19mm

▹ Vacuuming with a LAVA vacuum sealer or the LAVA hand pump “Easy-Pump”

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Vacuum Bottle Top (1 piece) • LAVA

The Original Vacuum Bottle Top (1 piece) by Lava.

We all know the feeling of enjoying a glass of our favourite wine in a relaxing environment, with soft music and a delicious meal to end a successful day. But what happens when there is still wine left in the bottle and you want to save it for later? The LAVA bottle top provides a solution by securely sealing the bottle and preserving the wine’s delicious aroma.

Whether high-quality vegetable or nut oil, fine wines, fruit juices or balsamic vinegar, the Lava bottle top ensures that quality and freshness are preserved.

For example, the oxidation process in wine is greatly slowed down and drinking pleasure is extended by up to 15 days.

Adapts perfectly to bottlenecks of 18-19mm

Consists of high-quality plastic/ silicone

Vacuuming with a Lava vacuum sealer or Lava hand pump “Easy-Pump


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