CHAMBER Vacuum Sealers

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers have proven themselves in the commercial sector for decades. You will hardly find a butcher’s shop, cheese factory or hotel kitchen where a professional vac packer is not part of the standard equipment. Many organic markets and farm shops also use the advantages of a chamber vacuum sealer to vacuum their food. Previously only used in these areas, you can also find chamber vacuum sealers in the private kitchen.

Get the benefits of a chamber vacuum sealer in your kitchen

Vacuum packing of liquids

Surely you know the problem: It is hard to vacuum pack liquids with an external cryovac. In contrast, a chamber can vac pack fluids without any issues.

No special bags required

You can use inexpensive smooth bags for the vacuuming process. You do not need embossed vacuum seal bags.
A Chamber can also reseal many original packagings.

Vacuum sealing of jars

You can vacuum thick-walled jars such as preserving jars, twist-off jars or stable vacuum containers without additional tools. Ideal for preserved foods and jams for longer shelf life.

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