Vacuum Cover for Jars from LAVA
Vacuum Cover for Jars • LAVA
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Vacuum Cover for Jars • LAVA


Key Features

▹ Glass diameter of about 80mm to 90mm

▹ Suitable for all twist-off jars

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Vacuum Cover for Jars • LAVA

This Vacuum Cover for Jars from LAVA revolutionizes the vacuum sealing of glasses! The Lava vacuum cover attachment fits all bulbous twist-off jars (cucumber jars, sauerkraut jars, beetroot jars…) with 8 to 9 cm screw caps and 2-piece aluminium preserving jars (e.g. Leifheit) up to a maximum of 8.5 cm lid diameter. The vacuum cover attachment is compatible with all Lava vacuum sealers.

– 1 piece Made of unbreakable ABS plastic, with approx. 85 cm hose

– Vacuuming is possible with a vacuum device Suitable for all twist-off and mason jars as indicated above

– Particularly long durability guaranteed

Connect the attachment to your Lava vacuum sealer and switch to container mode.

With twist-off jars, turn the lid until you feel resistance, now put on the attachment and vacuum.

At the maximum vacuum, remove the bell, thus extending the shelf life of food by 5-10 times.

By the way, it’s also ideal for preserving, as it allows you to achieve a high-quality vacuum in the jar.

Tip: Be sure to let the contents cool down.


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