Solis Food Vacuum Containers (3pcs)
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Solis Food Vacuum Containers (3pcs)


Key Features

β–Ή700ml – 120x130x105mm (WxLxH)
β–Ή 1400ml – 205x125x105mm (LxWxH)
β–Ή 2000ml – 155x150x155mm (WxLxH)
β–Ή Made for Fridge and Freezer
β–Ή Perfect for Vacuuming Liquids
β–Ή Marinate in Minutes

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3 x Solis Food Vacuum Containers 700 / 1400 / 2000 ml

Discover the 3 x Solis Hexagonal Food Vacuum Containers 700 / 1400 / 2000 ml. The food vacuum container set from Solis includes three vacuum containers that can be used with many vacuum sealer brands, such as any Solis and PreserVac.

Vacuuming Liquids & Pressure Sensitive Food

The use of vacuum packaging allows food to be kept for longer. There are various ways to vacuum pack food, either in a conventional vacuum seal bag or a food saver canister. While external vacuum sealers often struggle with all kinds of liquids, vacuum containers are ideal for storing liquids.Β  It’s perfect for vacuuming very moist food, sauces, oils, soups and pressure-sensitive food. You can also vacuum jars and marinate meat very fast.

Food Vacuum Containers Solis

βœ“ Dishwasher Safe Β  βœ“ Nearly Unbreakable Β  βœ“ Stackable

High-Quality Food Saver Containers

The Solis food saver canisters are stackable, which makes storage in the fridge or freezer very easy. The vacuum canisters are nearly unbreakable and dishwasher-safe and can be used be reused countless times. Hans in Luck customers loves this Solis product.

Advantages of Food Vacuum Containers

Extend Food Shelf Life!

Using food saver containers is an excellent method of preserving and storing food or home-cooked meals. The shelf life depends very much on the respective food and its freshness. In principle, however, it can be said that the shelf life of the food is tripled by the vacuuming process in a Solis food vacuum container.

Food Saver Containers Solis


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