The 5 Best Immersion Circulators for Every Level of Sous Vide Cooking

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What is the process and style of Sous Vide Cooking? What is Sous Vide Cooking?

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

Introduction: Sous Vide Cooking adopts/uses precise temperature control mechanisms to deliver optimum heat in cooking food. With the technology readily available in home device cooking, sous vide has become a major part of most homes seeking the exact quality cooking that matches high-quality hotels, eateries and restaurant standards.

Sous Vide Machines

Sous vide is cooking food vacuum seal rolls & bags in a waterproof, airtight sealant and immersed in a water bath whose temperature is monitored via a device. Sous vide cooking has been around for some time though largely restricted to big hotels and drive-through eateries. It is the cooking where food is sealed in special sealants and cooked at precise temperatures till the desired level of tenderness or food softness is achieved. That doesn’t affect taste, nutrients or the food aroma.

In Sous Vide Cooking (under vacuum), a special device is placed in the food container (a pan with boiling water) and allowed to affect the temperature consistently. The sous vide device helps maintain the temperature until the food is cooked or has reached the desired level of preparation.

Major Advantages and Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Food Tenderness and Thoroughness

Food is one thing we all like to enjoy with ease, especially when it is well-cooked. Sous Vide cooked meals are tender and easier to eat as they are soft and thoroughly cooked. Sous vide devices have this basic cooking essential preserved in the food.

Nutritional Content Retention

It is perceivable that tender meals are overcooked and have no nutrients left. The temperature-control devices are effective in keeping vital food nutrients intact. When the basic nutrition and ingredient is preserved, it tastes better and smells good.

Food Aroma and Taste

There is an additional benefit of enjoying tasty food, rich in nutrients and with great aroma and taste. All these elements of sous vide cooking devices ensure taste and aroma remain.

Less Mess Generation and Fast

Food cooks faster with a lesser generation of waste or mess. That means the food preparation process is fairly clean. Cooking with sous vide also means less or zero carbon emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. There is precise energy and non-wastage of energy.

Professional Meals in a Few Steps

There is the ability to create great-tasting meals in a few steps either at home or anywhere else with a sous vide device.  


Different Types of Sous Vide Cooking Devices

Several types of sous vide cooking devices are dedicated to cooking gradually (temperature-wise) to the desired level of readiness or tenderness. However, each brand will deliver varying results according to its material construct and build quality. Below, we share some common sous vide cooking devices used in homes and professional establishments.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

 A sous vide immersion circulator device heats water in a container (cooking pan or pot) and ensures even temperature circulation. That way, the food easily cooks gradually and thoroughly. The devices can fit into most cooking pots and containers with a prescribed water level.

Sous Vide Cooker Stick

 Like immersion circulators, cooker sticks are placed in a water container with a pre-set water level. The water is slowly heated and cooks the vacuum seal pack food. Sous vide sticks may vary in wattage, water bath capacity and other external features.

Sous Vide Water Oven and Slow Cooker

The fully-built and equipped sous vide device has all the requisite items for cooking outright. By inherent heating of the water, sous vide water ovens can easily ensure a controlled cooking temperature in the chamber without compromised drops or surges.

Sous Vide Electric Pressure and Multi-Cooker

These are often multipurpose cookers with a sous vide option for cooking specific foods to certain levels of tenderness and thoroughness. The multi-cookers are designed with water-holding chambers and external temperature monitors for enhanced food cooking levels.

Sous Vide Stove Top Induction Cookers

With the combination of stovetop modes and induction cooking, these sous vide cookers are energy savers. The generated heat within a beer chamber-like cooker makes consistent cooking possible within a few hours.

There are more sous vide cookers like temperature controller DIY devices that are made with specifications meeting the standards of sous vide cooking. Below are some of the topmost sous vide cooking machines for any level of refined cooking.

Top 5 Sous Vide Machines for Modern Refined Home Cooking Needs

Sous Vide Cooker Stick. PreserVide – Hydromix  

Sleek and progressive sous vide cooker stick with all standard features and more. The high-quality build and distinctive features: faster heating and temperature retention, multi-container compatibility, 1200 watts high power wattage, even temperature distribution, frozen food defrosting, LCD waterproof, 6-15 litres high bath water volume, 90 degrees high-temperature capability.

The other high scores of this sous vide stick are lightweight (1.6kg), portability (388mm Height, 107mm Depth and 76mm width), ease of use and durability. With these extra-high abilities, the PreseVide Hydromix can deliver professional cooking results right from the comfort of any home.

Lava – LaVide LX.20 Sous Vide Stick

With the right selections in vacuum cooking bags and sealants, the Lava immersion circulator is a high-wattage and water bath cooker. Sleek for compact adaptations, the sous vide immersion circulator stick features are no less impressive. Built with 1200w high cooking wattage, LCD, waterproof, safety against dryness, high-quality rubber surface, higher water volumes (20 litres),

Besides, you get a portable, lightweight, prolonged temperature consistency with high timer capabilities (99 hours). That is prolonged cooking without worrying about burning down the home or losing your high-quality sous vide cooker soon.

Sous Vide Australia Beef! Stick. LaVide – LB 2.0 Black

For lovers of beef and the varied ways you can cook it, this beef stick is a great addition to your fine cooking armoury. You can master fine beef tastes and cuisines with the unique features that this portable beef offers. Now make beef steaks the Aussie way with this powerful 1200w high power heater, built in black and stainless steel, better precise retention accuracy, ergonomic rubber head, LCD for temperature tracking and readings, extended higher cooking hours and higher bath water volume (20 litres).

The added benefits of protection against low water levels, waterproof, and portable size (height, width, depth and weight) make it professional beef sous vide device. Moreover, the LB 2.0 Black is built with fine German technology that assures and guarantees longevity, precise quality and ease of use.

Breville / Polyscience. The Hydro Plus Immersion Circulator

A one-off sous vide device incorporating special programmable features with Bluetooth connectivity. You can flawlessly use the device to connect with other devices as it cooks something tasty. Isn’t that amazing? At 1450w, 2 kg, adjustable operational settings (manual, slow & high) and digital temperature probe or check.

The HydroPlus is compatible with modern Bluetooth technologies and critical food business standards like HACCP. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is an international way of identifying and managing food safety risks, especially for businesses like hotels, restaurants, eateries, motels, drive-through food joints, etc. It is essential to ensure food served for public consumption meets the minimum standards laid out for safety. The HACCP feature on the Hydro Plus ensures food meets and lives up to pre-set food safety guidelines and protocols. The extra high water bath capability of 45 litres allows cooking most foods in the most standard settings.

SAMMIC. Immersion Circulator Smart Vide 8+

There are variable levels to sous vide cooking, and the higher polished kind will always demand the best cooking machines. With an impressive capacity of up to 56 litres water bath and consistent temperature monitoring, the capacity to detect low water levels, high definition TFT colour display, an integrated long and short duration cooking tracker, and powerful 2000wattage make it true commercial sous vide cooking device.

Yet the device packs in portability, durability, ease of use, a waterproof exterior and a stainless steel colour that is easy to clean, maintain and sanitise. Food is always assuredly cooked in clean chambers.

Summary: with this collection of branded and manufactured sous vide cooking devices, you are guaranteed lasting quality and value for money. Many off-the-shelf models seem enticing to the eyes but functionally disappoint when giving quality service. Sous vide cooking takes on another level of refined professionalism and finesse with these carefully sourced products.

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