Helpful Tips for Choosing a Vacuum Sealer

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If you are looking for the best appliances to add to your home, this is it. Vacuum sealers are the most effective method of preserving the freshness of your food for a longer period of time.

This handy kitchen appliance is also great for preserving all the nutritious ingredients in your food. Most importantly, they help avoid the growth of bacteria and mould.

However, with the long list of vacuum sealer kinds, types, and styles, it can become tricky to find which one to bring home. That’s why Hans in Luck is here to help you out. This article will assist you in locating the best vacuum sealer for your kitchen.

1. Estimate the frequency of use

Some vacuum sealers are more heavy-duty than others. These types are meant to be used as frequently as you need. However, some are not built that way, so determining the use and how often you will use the appliance is highly important.

Vacuum Sealer Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips for Choosing a Vacuum Sealer Helpful Tips
Chamber Vacuum Sealer

In line with this, it would also be helpful if you knew right away if the vacuum sealer you are purchasing is primarily to be used at home or also for commercial purposes. In this case, a chamber vacuum sealer is best for professional use, while an external vacuum sealer is best for home use.

2. Determine which food you are going to pack

Not all vacuum sealers can accommodate all foods. For example, suction vacuum sealers are not ideal for liquids. Therefore, if you plan to pack a lot of fluids, like soup or drinks, you will be better off purchasing a chamber vacuum sealer. The chamber vacuum sealer removes the majority of the air and replaces it with an inert gas to avoid damage to the food.

3. Know the speed of sealing for each appliance

If you are someone who wants to take their time in the kitchen when preparing food, speed should not be such a concern. However, if fast vacuum sealers are what you are looking for, then you should pay attention to this feature.

Overall, since chamber machines are perfect for commercial applications, they can be more efficient. You can choose a sealer with a larger seal or numerous seal bars if you want to work faster. This allows you to accommodate multiple bags at once, making it simple to seal large amounts.

The different types of Vacuum Sealers

It would be best if you considered what you want the vacuum sealer to do in your kitchen before making your selection. Some are more generic in nature, while others are more specialised. Ultimately, this depends on your needs. Below are the most common type of vacuum sealers you will see in the market:

Pistol-Type Vacuum Sealers:

This is primarily for circumstances where it is more convenient to take the sealer to the bag. Moreover, this type of vacuum sealer is ideal for sous-vide cooking due to its ease of usage.

They are also less expensive than the alternatives. Furthermore, these gadgets attach to specially designed plastic bags or containers and remove all of the air via an inbuilt valve.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers: This model of vacuum sealer has many adjustable settings for various scenarios. One of their distinguishing features is that they do not require suction, allowing you to vacuum package liquids. Moreover, you can expect a chamber-style vacuum sealer to be more expensive than a standard vacuum sealer due to the settings and additional features.

However, this style of vacuum sealer takes up a lot of counter space. They also demand far more regular maintenance than other types of vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Sealers: Most of you are already aware of this type of vacuum sealer, as they are the traditional kinds often found in kitchens. Since they suck all the air out of the bags, they are only ideal for solid food. Furthermore, they are also known as external vacuum sealers.

Many of these products also include an accessory port. This allows them to be used with similar goods such as a handheld vacuum sealer or to seal specific mason jars.

Which need vacuum sealer do you need?

This should be the first question to ask yourself before even thinking about finding the best vacuum sealer. To answer this question, you should first know the primary purpose of vacuum sealers.

For starters, they help you extend the shelf life of your food. Therefore, they can be beneficial if you are someone who plans their meals for weeks at a time. They will also come in handy if you always have leftovers that you wish to keep in your fridge.

Compared to other methods of freezer storage, vacuum sealers avoid freezer burn. This is because they keep the food protected and eliminate air exposure.

Having this appliance is also a good choice if you want to save money. When you have a vacuum sealer, you can choose to buy food in bulk and pack it in smaller portions. This means that you will not have to make numerous trips to the grocery store.

Finding the best vacuum sealers in the market

LAVA has been a trendsetter in vacuum sealing machines in Australia for almost 30 years. Before leaving the firm, each vacuum sealing equipment is fully functionally tested at our production plant in Germany. No one comes close to LAVA’s high-quality vacuum sealers in terms of performance and dependability. Furthermore, LAVA offers 12 professional Commercial Vacuum Packing Machines and far over 50 high-quality food vacuum seal rolls & vacuum seal bags.

Solis is a traditional Swiss company since 1908. With 114 years of experience, Solis successfully brings new, safe and innovative products to market.

At PreserVac nothing is left to be desired. All vacuum sealers are packed with features. PreserVac vacuum sealer cryovac machines are very reliable, fast, easy to use and all of them have an integrated roll dispenser with a roll cutter.

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