LAVA Liquid Stop
LiquidStop • LAVA
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LiquidStop • LAVA


Key Features

▹ Prevents from Leaking Seals

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LiquidStop • LAVA

The LAVA LiquidStop and bone protection now offer you reliable & active protection against bone and moisture damage during vacuuming.

No more leaking weld seams, air leaks or large amounts of liquids in your cryovac machine due to the LAVA LiquidStop© roll. Especially when using external vacuum sealers with a single weld seam, it can occasionally happen that the weld seam is not clean. An increased proportion of liquid in the goods, can lead to unwanted air leaks. Therefore, get a 30 cm wide LiquidStop roll with 12m of length, which is also ideal for use as bone protection material, so that the bag is not damaged when vacuum sealing it.


Application of the Original Lava LiquidStop

• Cut a 2 cm strip from the 30 cm wide rolls

• Place this strip at the top just below the welding area

• It is important that the entire bag width is covered

• The LiquidStop now collects liquids in the strip during vacuuming

• The weld is clean, and the bag stays tightly closed

• Sufficient, for example, for up to 600 bags with a width of 30 cm

Technical characteristics + notes

The Lava LiquidStop© consists of a special absorbent fleece (cellulose insert), which is embedded between two layers of PE film by laminating and punching. As a result, there is no adhesion to the vacuumed goods. The punched side is used to quickly and effectively absorb residual liquids that collect in the inner lining. The absorbency is up to approx. 800ml/m², +/- 15%. Of course, the Lava LiquidStop© is fully suitable for food (tested in accordance with guideline EN 1186-15 and guideline 97/48 IEG processed according to food law (SQTS). The manufacturer has protected the product by a patent and also provides proof of the declaration of no objection according to method §35 LMBG and DIN-EN standards of IFU GmbH. Despite Lava LiquidStop©, excessive amounts of fluid or even just fluids cannot be vacuumed in the bag. Lava recommends using a container or freezing the liquids when vacuuming liquids.

Note when using as Bone Protection against air extractions

Simply cut the appropriate size from the roll. Always place the smooth, slightly embossed side of the foil over the bone area to be protected and vacuum your vacuum goods.

Note when using as Moisture – Absorbent Pad

Just cut the correct size from the roll. Always place the embossed/punched side against the underside of the vacuumed goods (meat, fish etc.). In this way you use the properties as an excellent absorbent pad or moisture barrier.

Benefits of Liquid & Bone Protection at a glance:

  • Economical use of the fleece by cutting it off the roll as required.
  • No more air leaks caused by damage to the vacuum packaging (bone damage etc.).
  • The two layers of PE film prevent adhesions to the items from being vacuumed.
  • Taking up (absorbing) escaping liquids, e.g. meat juices (fresh meat), in the vacuum packaging without drying out the vacuumed goods.
  • No air leaks due to leaking weld seams or blocked moisture bubbles.
  • Avoid damage to vacuum devices (pumps) by sucking in residual liquids.
  • The fleece is entirely odourless and suitable for food without any restrictions.
  • Multiple uses thanks to perfect use as suction and draining pad in containers, bowls, etc., for all kinds of meat, vegetables, salads and fruit.
  • Ensures food’s freshness and shelf life.


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