LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls (Stainless Steel) 3 Sizes
Set-Special (all 3 sizes)
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Set-Special (all 3 sizes)


Key Features

▹ Stainless Steel

▹ Decorative, modern & timeless design

▹ Tip: Use the lid also for any other container

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LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls (Stainless Steel) 1300ml/ 2500ml/ 4000ml

LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls (Stainless Steel) 1300ml/ 2500ml/ 4000ml

Lava ES-line Vacuum Bowls

Experience freshness like never before with the Lava ES-line Vacuum Bowls. Made of top-quality stainless steel, these bowls are both decorative and practical in their modern, timeless design. They are perfect for storing a variety of foods such as tea, herbs, bread, vegetables, salads, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, sausage, and precooked foods. These vacuum bowls come with a universal bowl lid, making it easy to keep your food fresh for longer.

Design and Product Benefits

The Lava ES-line Vacuum Bowls offer several design and product benefits to make keeping your food fresh easier. They are suitable for use in the fridge and freezer, and can be vacuumed using a vacuum sealer or the Lava hand pump “Easy-Pump”. Each bowl lid comes with a practical scroll wheel that allows you to set the exact date on the cover, and a visual display of pressure-cap for optimal case vacuum. Additionally, the lid of the bowl can also be used for any other container.


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