Food Saver Rolls wide vacuum seal rolls
2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Food Saver Rolls • 150 microns
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2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Food Saver Rolls • 150 microns


Key Features

▹ X-Crossed Air-Venting-Ribs

▹ 150 microns

▹ Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless

▹ Freezer & Sous Vide

▹ 100% BPA Free

▹ Universal Fit

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2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Food Saver Rolls

PreserVac 2 x (28cm x 5m) PRESERVAC X-Crossed Food Saver Rolls are double the thickness of standard rolls at 150 microns and BPA-free. The dual-sided channels provide maximum air extraction and a tight seal, making them suitable for both home and commercial use.

Premium Quality Food Saver Rolls

Food Saver Rolls by PreserVac are of the highest quality. With X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs on both sides of the roll foils, maximum air extraction is achieved and liquids are prevented from moving around when sealing moist foods.

Food Saver Rolls, also known as Vacuum Seal Rolls, Channel Rolls or Cryovac Rolls, are designed for external & chamber vacuum sealers. These Food Saver Rolls have perforated sides that allow them to be used with all external and chamber vacuum sealers. If you are unsure, please contact us directly for further assistance.

Stronger & More Durable

Experience a stronger and more durable food saver roll with a thickness of 150 microns (compared to standard bags at 70 microns) which can help keep your food fresher for up to 8 times longer. Say goodbye to bland, freezer-burned meat and wilted vegetables with these heavy-duty bags.

Our Opinion: Excellent

Hans in Luck has conducted extensive testing on PreserVac food saver rolls using all of our vacuum sealer range and found the performance, air extraction, and seal quality to be excellent.

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PreserVac Vacuum Sealer Rolls features:

  • 150 microns thickness, compared to standard bags and rolls at 70 microns
  • 22cm width x 5m length per roll (2 rolls in a unit)
  • Dual-sided channels for maximum air extraction
  • X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs
  • Premium quality, BPA-free, non-toxic plastic
  • Ideal for sous vide cooking
  • Universally compatible
  • Safe for freezing, boiling, and microwaving
  • Locked in freshness. Work with all vacuum sealers and Cryovac machines


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Vacuum Seal Roll Length (m)

2 x 5m

Vacuum Seal Roll Width (cm)

28 cm

16 reviews for 2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Food Saver Rolls • 150 microns

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  1. Stella (verified owner)

    Work really well!

  2. Gary B. (verified owner)


  3. Maria S. (verified owner)

    very good rolls for a fair price

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s really good material.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Strong good quality rolls

  6. Cliff (verified owner)

    Very happy

  7. David C. (verified owner)

    Very strong rolls.

  8. Sharon W. (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing product. Best quality vacuum rolls!

  9. Tim (verified owner)

    Love it!!! I am delighted with these vacum seal rolls.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Having tried various brands of vacuum rolls over the past few years, Preservac has undoubtedly secured its place at the top of my list.

  11. Ida (verified owner)

    To use these rolls as a bag, both ends need to be sealed. The benefit of this design is that you can create bags of various sizes, minimizing waste.

  12. Mark S. (verified owner)

    I will recommend to friends

  13. Giardano T. (verified owner)


  14. Maria M. (verified owner)

    Product so far is very good

  15. Phil (verified owner)

    very good

  16. Michael Layland (verified owner)


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