ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac
ZeroPak • 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer • DualVac
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ZeroPak • 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer • DualVac

Original price was: $249.90.Current price is: $219.00.


Key Features

▹ ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer
▹ 12Volt / 230Volt
▹ AC/DC Dual-Voltage
▹ Fits in any drawer
▹ Compact and easy to use

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ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac

By preparing your meals in advance and using the ZeroPak 12 Volt vacuum sealer DualVac , you can save a significant amount of time and money. By vacuum-packing your ingredients, you can extend their shelf life and only need to shop once a week or every two weeks. The compact and easy-to-use design of the AC/DC dual-voltage food vacuum sealer makes it an ideal choice for most households, including small apartments, motor homes, caravans, boats, and cabins in remote areas.

ZeroPak, a New Zealand-based company established in 2015, offers one food vacuum sealer model – the ZeroPak Dualvac. This vacuum sealer model was introduced in 2018, following the release of the Minivac Pro in 2017. Since its launch, the DualVac has been ZeroPak’s top-selling domestic food vacuum sealer up until 2022.

Discover the Convenience of Dual Power Modes with ZeroPak Dualvac 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer

ZeroPak 12 volt vacuum sealer Dualvac is the ultimate kitchen and travel companion for food enthusiasts who want to keep their meals fresh for longer. With its dual power modes, 240V AC & 12V DC, you can now vacuum-pack your fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and other dried products wherever you go.

This portable vacuum sealer is designed with a stainless steel lid, touch-sensitive buttons, and a built-in bag cutter for ease of use. It also comes with a canister hose, making it compatible with virtually all types of vacuum canisters. Its vacuum pressure can reach a strong -700 mbar, removing up to eight litres of air per minute and making your food prep faster and more convenient.

With ZeroPak Dualvac 12 volt vacuum sealer, you can now enjoy fresh and delicious meals on the go or at home without worrying about spoilage. Try it today and experience the convenience of dual power modes wrapped into one compact and portable vacuum sealer.

The Dualvac is a lightweight, portable vacuum sealer that can be powered by both AC and DC. It features a single 4 mm seal, and draws 120 watts to deliver 8 liters per minute at 70kpa. The vacuum sealer is fully automatic, but also includes a manual override. If you own the Dualvac, you can download the user manual below.

Advantages of a 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer

  • This vacuum sealer is designed for domestic use and is portable, making it convenient to use at home or on the go.
  • It can significantly prolong the shelf life of your food by up to five times longer than other storage solutions, reducing the risk of food spoilage and waste.
  • With its efficient vacuum sealing technology, it can also help retain the nutrients in your food and prevent freezer burn, ensuring that your food stays fresh and flavourful.
  • This vacuum sealer is ideal for people living in tiny homes, mobile homes, cabins, or those who enjoy camping and fishing.
  • It comes with both AC 240-volt and DC 12-volt power supplies, making it versatile and easy to use anywhere, anytime.
  • The vacuum sealer is fully automatic and also has a manual override option, giving you complete control over the sealing process.
  • It features normal and gentle vacuum modes to cater to different types of food, as well as dry and moist food settings to ensure optimal sealing performance.
  • The ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac also comes with a 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in a quality product that’s built to last.

How to Use the DualVac’s Control Panel

  • The Food button controls the Dry/Moist lights above it. Dry is the default setting, and it should be used for most sealing purposes. Moist is ideal for the first seal only or when dealing with liquids or foods with high moisture content. However, you should not use the moist setting for more than three cycles without resting the ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac for two minutes to avoid overheating and melting the bags.
  • The Pressure button operates the Normal/Gentle lights. Normal is the default setting, but if you’re sealing soft foods and want more control, you can switch to Gentle mode.
  • The Seal button activates the seal bar immediately when creating a bag from a roll. If you’re sealing a bag with soft foods or liquids, you can touch this button at any time during the vacuum cycle to force the machine to seal the bag.
  • The Vac Seal button automatically vacuums the bag and switches to seal once it reaches full vacuum.
  • The Stop button cancels the vacuum seal or seal-only functions. You can pulse the vacuum by touching the Vac button, then Stop, and then Vac again as many times as you like until you get the desired vacuum level. Once you reach the desired level, touch the Seal button to seal the bag.
  • The Canister button is a large red button located on the right side of the unit. Use this button when you have the canister hose connected and want to vacuum a canister or similar accessories. The ZeroVac 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer will shut down automatically once the canister or accessory reaches full vacuum.

The following items are included in the box when you purchase the ZeroPak Dualvac Vacuum Sealer

  • The ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac itself
  • Two detachable power cords (AC & DC)
  • A vacuum hose for canisters
  • 40 pre-made bags measuring 20 cm x 28 cm
  • A built-in bag cutter 
  • A instruction instruction manual to help you get started with using the ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac.

ZeroPak 12 volt vacuum sealer DualVac instruction manual

With the ZeroPak 12 Volt Vacuum Sealer DualVac, you can easily vacuum-pack your food and prolong its shelf life, whether you’re at home or on the go!


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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 13 cm


Warranty 12 or 24 months

12 months


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