Status Solid 300 Food Vacuum Sealer
Status SOLID 300 • Food Vacuum Sealer
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Status SOLID 300 • Food Vacuum Sealer

Original price was: $749.00.Current price is: $599.00.


Key Features

▹ Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer
▹ Fast Cycles, quick Cool Down
▹ 400 Watts
▹ Liquid Protection
▹ 30 cm Single Seal
▹ -0.8 bar Vacuum Pressure
▹ 22 Ltr/Min
▹ 2 years warranty

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Status SOLID 300 Food Vacuum Sealer

Combining Efficiency and Innovation.

The Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer

The Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer boasts a feature set akin to the renowned Status Provac 360 Commercial Vacuum Sealer. This exceptional appliance is the brainchild of Status, a reputable European manufacturer known for its innovative designs. Engineered with precision, this vacuum sealer is a versatile addition suitable for both bustling households and compact professional kitchens.


Status Solid 300


✓ Fast Vacuum Cycles  ✓ Liquid Protection   ✓ Quick Cool-Down Time

Unveiling the Latest Advancement

As the newest model in the Status lineup, the Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer introduces cutting-edge functionalities, including liquid protection and a convenient roll film holder. Seamlessly alternating between automatic and manual modes, this appliance adapts to your needs with ease. Additionally, it harmoniously integrates with our array of canister sets, enhancing its compatibility and usability.

A Fusion of Form and Function

Distinguished by its marinate setting and user-friendly interface, the Status Solid 300 excels in convenience. Experience a robust vacuum performance, attaining up to 80Kpa, thanks to its dynamic double pump mechanism. The sealing prowess is equally impressive, as the appliance generates a sturdy, dual 3 mm seal along a spacious 30 cm sealing bar.


Elevating Vacuum Sealing: The Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer

Discover the Exceptional Features of the Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer

Incorporating advanced technology and thoughtful design, the Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer presents an array of features to enhance your vacuum sealing experience.

Wide Sealing and Vacuum Area

The appliance boasts a generously sized 30 cm wide sealing and vacuum area, accommodating a variety of bag sizes and food items. This versatility ensures efficient sealing for both everyday meals and larger culinary projects.

Built-In Roll Film Holder and Cutting Channel

Equipped with a built-in roll film holder, compatible with 3 m rolls, and an integrated cutting channel, the Status Solid 300 simplifies the process of creating custom-sized bags. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in packaging.

Continuous Vacuum and Rapid Cooling

Efficiency meets performance with the continuous vacuum capability, ideal for handling sizable tasks. Moreover, the quick cooling time contributes to a streamlined workflow, reducing waiting periods between sealing sessions.

Adaptable Lid Functionality

Experience flexibility in operation with the Status Solid 300’s innovative lid design. It can lock for manual function, granting you complete control, or operate via downward pressure for automatic function, catering to your preferred vacuum sealing method.

Liquid Protection and Manual Pulse Function

Safeguard your appliance and workspace with the liquid protection feature, including a removable drip tray and a built-in liquid sensor. The manual pulse function adds finesse to the vacuum process, ensuring optimal preservation of delicate foods and liquids.

Swift Vacuum Cycle and Canister Port

Enjoy the efficiency of a fast vacuum cycle, optimizing your time without compromising quality. The integrated canister port extends the appliance’s utility, enabling compatibility with canister sets for an even broader range of storage options.

Marinate Cycle and European Craftsmanship

Unleash your culinary creativity with the marinate cycle, infusing flavors effortlessly. The Status Solid 300 stands as a testament to European quality, designed and meticulously manufactured in Slovenia, a hub of craftsmanship and innovation.

Assured Warranty and Transit Tracking

Rest easy with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, underscoring the appliance’s durability and reliability. To further enhance your experience, benefit from free transit tracking, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

The Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer embodies a fusion of cutting-edge features, user-centric design, and uncompromising quality, making it an indispensable tool for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.




Intrucing the Status Home Vac HV500 Food Vacuum Sealer

Advanced Features for Trouble-Free Vacuum Packaging

The Status HV500 vacuum sealer is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it incredibly easy to use for all your vacuum sealing needs. The control panel is straightforward and intuitive, allowing you to operate the machine with ease.

To create a bag from a roll, simply place the end of the bag over the sealing bar, push the seal button, and apply pressure on the lid for 2-3 seconds. The grey tabs on each end of the lid can be locked down to hold the lid in place during sealing, and then released by pushing down on each side. This mode allows you to quickly create custom-sized bags for your specific food items.

When using pre-made bags, place the opening of the bag between the foam seals, close the lid, and push the bag button. The machine will automatically go into full vacuum mode and then switch to seal automatically. If you want to seal early, you can simply push the bag button again to force the machine into sealing mode.

For sealing canisters, use the container mode with the lid open and connect the canister hose to the small round port on the right-hand side of the vacuum channel. The machine will shut off automatically once the canister reaches full vacuum.

If you need to cancel any operation mid-way, simply turn off the machine at the wall to stop the process. The Status HV500 vacuum sealer’s user-friendly design and simple operation make it a breeze to use for all your food storage needs.

Overall, the Status HV500 home vac offers outstanding performance and versatility, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a reliable and efficient vacuum sealing solution for their domestic food preservation needs.

Vacuum Sealer Specifications

Brand: Status
Model: SOLID 300
Power (Wattage): 400 Watts
Voltage: 220V to 240V / 50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 410 x 270 x 120 mm
Weight: 4.9 kg
Power of Vacuum Pump: 22 Ltr / min.
Max Vacuum Pressure: -0.8 bar
Seal Width: 3 mm
Material: ABS Plastic
Anti-Sliding-Feets: 4
Housing: ABS Plastic
Colour: White
Weld Seam: Double
Sealing Bar Length: 300 mm
Warranty: 2-years Domestic Use Warranty
Incl. Accessories: 1 x Vacuum Hose Attachment
Country of Origin: Slovenia

Highlighting Innovative Features of the Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer

One of the standout features of the Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer is its versatile pulse function, designed to cater to the specific needs of soft foods and liquids. This function offers a unique level of control during the vacuuming process. To utilize it, engage the lid lock and press the pulse button. As you hold it down, the vacuuming action begins, allowing you to precisely regulate the vacuum pressure.
Release the button to halt the vacuuming at any desired point. Once you’ve achieved the optimal vacuum level, simply press the seal button to secure your contents with a perfect seal. This function not only ensures the preservation of delicate items but also empowers you to customize the vacuuming process to your exact preferences.
Another remarkable aspect of the Status Solid 300 is its innovative liquid protection system, which includes a removable drip tray and a built-in liquid sensor. This feature is a game-changer for preventing potential mishaps during the vacuum sealing process. The liquid sensor promptly detects any liquid that might inadvertently enter the machine, triggering the liquid trap indicator. A conveniently placed light alerts you when the liquid channel has been compromised. To address this, the liquid trap can be easily removed, cleaned, dried, and then reinserted to resume seamless operation. Should a reset be required, disconnecting the vacuum sealer from the power source effectively restores the liquid trap indicator, ensuring both safety and efficiency in your vacuum sealing endeavors.

Status HV100 HomeVac Kitchen Vacuum Sealer Features

Made for All Foods: Dry, Moist
Pressure: Normal, Gentle
Liquid (Pump) Protection: YES
Integrated Roll Dispenser: NO
Integrated Foil Cutter: NO
Included Suction Hose: YES
Hidden Cable Storage: NO
Easy to Use: YES. Touch-sensitive Control Panel
Pulse Function: YES
Automatic Mode: YES
Manual Mode: YES
Marinating: YES


Status Solid 300 Vacuum Sealer Roll Cutter

Vacuum pack all your food like the professionals

In conclusion, the Status Solid 300 Professional Vacuum Sealer epitomizes efficiency and innovation, encapsulating the essence of modern vacuum sealing technology. Whether for household culinary adventures or professional gastronomic endeavors, this appliance stands ready to elevate your culinary experiences.




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Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 34 × 17 × 9 cm


Depth (mm)

270 mm

Height (mm)

120 mm

Width (mm)

410 mm

Max. Bag Width (cm)

30 cm

Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar)

-0.8 bar

Power (Watts)

400 Watts

Warranty 12 or 24 months

24 months

Weight (kg)

4.9 kg

Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple)



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