Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays
Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays
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Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays



Key Features

▹ Overheat Protection

▹ 9 BPA-Free Trays

▹ Temperature Range 30-68ºC

▹ FREE PRESENT: 1 Recipe Book

▹ 5 Year Household Warranty (No Commercial Warranty)

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Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays

The Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays is an elegant and easy-to-use option for dehydrating raw, whole foods while preserving their natural nutritional value and taste without the use of artificial preservatives. Compared to other leading food dehydrators, Sedona offers superior performance with the latest digital dehydrating technologies and accurate temperature controls.

Dehydrating has never been easier or healthier

The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest is specifically designed for health-conscious individuals. It features cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality of retained nutrients and taste in dehydrated fruits and vegetables. The interface is simple and intuitive, with clearly marked controls and an easy-to-read digital display for ease of use. The placement of the controls, hinges, glass panel, and LED display are carefully designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use. The Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays operates extremely quietly and manages the heated air in the drying compartment evenly and accurately, making it much quieter than its competitors and more efficient.

Dual Fan Technology

The Sedona’s Dual Fan Technology allows you to operate each of the two 300 watt computer-controlled fans and heating elements in the two drying compartments together or independently. This gives you discrete control over the two drying compartments, allowing the Sedona to operate at 600 watts or 300 watts of power, depending on your needs. A separate heat sensor monitors the current temperature of each independent fan-heater set within its own compartment, which improves the efficiency and overall quality of the dehydration process.

The Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator is packed with features that make dehydrating your food a breeze

  • Its overheat protection feature keeps your raw food from being overheated, and it comes with clear, natural-coloured BPA-free trays and mesh screens.
  • The dehydrator also has no black colouring chemicals used for food-contacting parts, making it a healthier option for your food.
  • The user-friendly features include a built-in timer up to 99 hours, digital display and setting for easy control, LED light display for dark environments, and a front control panel for use and placement under kitchen cupboards.
  • It also has a clear glass door to see the results without opening the unit, an automatic pause and resume function when the door opens and closes, and an elegant and aesthetic design.
  • The eco-friendly features include energy efficiency with dual fan technology, closed tray for dividing the drying chamber in half, quiet DC motors for lower noise pollution, and a night-mode function for even quieter performance.


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