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Key Features

▹ Professional Chamber Vacuum Sealer

▹ 370 Watts

▹ 32 cm Double Seal

▹ 2 mbar Vacuum Pressure

▹ Pump Capacity 10m3/h

▹ Chamber Volume: 18 Ltr

▹ Digital control panel

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SAMMIC SE-310 • Chamber Vacuum Packer Machine

The Sammic SE-310 Benchtop Chamber Vacuum Packer Machine is designed with precision and control in mind. Equipped with a high-precision microprocessor, it controls the vacuum percentage in the chamber, ensuring accurate and consistent results regardless of the quantity of the product being packaged. The sensor-controlled system allows for better control when packing liquids, preventing them from boiling by monitoring the vacuum percentage, and also optimizes working times by only running the pump for the necessary amount of time. This results in increased productivity and a longer service life for the pump.

The Sammic vacuum sealer models in the SE range of machines is built with robust, reliable, and high-quality Busch pumps that can be used continuously and guarantee maximum vacuum and long service life.

A STOP button allows you to end the vacuum stage at any time.

Additionally, the models are equipped with double seals, ensuring perfect bag sealing every time.

To ensure optimal performance, all models have a pump drying program.

These machines also feature controlled decompression, which allows the air to re-enter the chamber gradually after sealing, preventing damage to the product or bag.

The cable-free sealing bar enables an obstacle-free chamber and makes it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

An hour counter display for oil changing helps improve the durability of the machine.

The Pause Button (Perfect for marinating) on the “Sensor” range of vacuum packaging machines allows for interrupting the vacuum phase and resuming it from the same point. This feature is particularly useful for marinating different products, accelerating the blending or curing process, flavouring products, or tenderizing meat. These robust machines are designed to be user-friendly, featuring a high-precision sensor that controls the vacuum cycle and is equipped with reliable and industry-leading Busch pumps.

Vacuum packing is a versatile method that has various applications including:

  • Packaging of raw foods: Vacuum packaging delays bacterial growth in raw foods, keeping their qualities intact for longer.
  • Packaging of traditionally cooked products: Allows for rationed storage and easy serving.
  • Sous-vide and low-temperature cooking: Vacuum packing is a necessary step in this popular culinary technique, as it allows for cooking food at low temperatures while preserving its quality.
  • Freezing of vacuum-packed products: Vacuum packing prevents the transfer of moisture between the product and the environment, making it ideal for freezing food under optimal preservation conditions.
  • Non-food products: Vacuum packing is also used to protect a wide range of non-food items such as electronics, jewellery, cosmetics, etc.


Download: Manual Sammic SE-310


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Depth (mm)

465 mm

Height (mm)

403 mm

Max. Bag Width (cm)

32 cm

Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar)

-0.99 bar

Power (Watts)

370 Watts

Warranty 12 or 24 months

12 months

Weight (kg)

34 kg

Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple)


Width (mm)

384 mm

Chamber Depth (mm)

360 mm

Chamber Height (mm)

155 mm

Chamber Volume (Ltr.)

18 Ltr

Chamber Width (mm)

330 mm

Vac Pump (m3/h) Chamber

10 m3/h


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