Sammic Jumbo
SAMMIC Jumbo 30 EVO • V775 PK2
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SAMMIC Jumbo 30 EVO • V775 PK2


Key Features

▹Commercial Vacuum Sealer
▹ 130 Watts
▹ 30 cm Double Seal
▹ -0.8 bar Vacuum Pressure
▹ Pump Capacity: 18 Ltr/Min
▹ Made in Italy

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Sammic Jumbo 30 EVO • V775 PK2

Introducing the Sammic JUMBO 30 EVO External Vacuum Packer, a professional-grade machine with a powerful double pump and a flow rate of 18 Liters per minute. Made with medical-grade stainless steel, this machine features self-locking clips for an effective seal, a wide 3mm seal, easy-to-use automatic function, and a manual cycle with an instant sealing function for delicate foods. It also includes a specific cycle for quickly vacuum marinating. Trust in the performance and durability of the JUMBO 30 EVO for all your vacuum sealing needs.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Packer

Sammic has introduced this new vacuum packing machine for the commercial sector. It can vacuum pack rolls and pre-cut bags.
Note: The Roll Dispenser is not included and must be ordered separately. 

Sammic Jumbo Features

  • Made from high-quality, medical grade stainless steel for durability and hygiene
  • Equipped with a powerful double pump for professional-grade performance
  • User-friendly with self-locking buttons for easy operation
  • Designed for intensive and continuous use in commercial settings
  • Triple seal setting for dry food, moist food, and very moist food for versatile packaging options
  • Fully automatic cycle for efficient and convenient operation
  • Manual cycle with instant sealing function for delicate or fragile foods
  • Special cycle for creating bags from rolls for customized packaging
  • Specific cycle for vacuum sealing containers for preserving freshness
  • Detachable upper part for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Dishwasher-safe removable liquid-collecting tray for hassle-free cleanup
  • The Sammic Jumbo features a highly heat-dissipating 30cm sealing bar for efficient sealing performance.

Download: Manual Sammic Jumbo EVO V775 PK2  


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Additional information



Weight (kg)

5 kg

Width (mm)

415 mm

Height (mm)

125 mm

Max. Bag Width (cm)

30 cm

Power (Watts)

130 Watts

Vac Pump (Ltr/Min) External

18 Ltr/Min

Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar)

-0.8 bar

Warranty 12 or 24 months

24 months

Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple)


Depth (mm)

245 mm


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