Henkelman AERO 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Key Features

▹ Professional Chamber Vacuum Sealer

▹ 600 Watts

▹ 42 cm Double Seal

▹ 2mbar Vacuum Pressure

▹ 16 m3/h

▹ Machine Cycle: 20 – 40 sec.

▹ Stainless Steel Housing

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Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The New Henkelman Aero 42 Vacuum Chamber Machine is a reliable and robust option for professional vacuum packaging. This cutting-edge vacuum sealer boasts a sleek design and powerful functionality. With its intuitive control interface, you can easily select from three adjustable setting programs. The machine’s precise vacuum settings, which are controlled by a pressure sensor, ensure optimal performance every time. It comes equipped with standard programs for soft-air, red meat, and an external vacuum program (adapter required), as well as a faster packing cycle for increased efficiency. The comprehensive maintenance menu and service alarm ensure the machine runs smoothly, while the clean oil function makes maintenance a breeze.

Useful Chamber Size

Aero 42 Chamber Sizes

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine for Precise & Fast Results

This NEW Henkelman Aero 42 chamber vacuum sealer machine boasts an innovative and sturdy design, complete with a sleek appearance. Its control interface is user-friendly, offering three customizable setting programs. Moreover, its sensor pressure control ensures accurate vacuum settings. Additionally, it includes a standard soft-air feature and the option to control liquids.

  • Memory function of 3 different programms
  • Hygienic design made of stainless steel
  • Rounded edges for added safety and ease of cleaning
  • Equipped with a strong double seal
  • Operating the AERO 42 is intuitive and super-easy to understand
  • Standard Sensor Control
  • Standard Soft Air
  • Cut-Off & Wide Seal, as free options
  • Brand-New hinge system

Follows HACCP standards

The Henkelman Aero 42 is the perfect machine for efficient cooking concepts like Sous-Vide and Cook & Chill. Professional product presentation and improved product quality (product maturing in packaging, no loss of aroma) combined with increased turnover due to longer shelf life (more variation and spread in product range) make the Aero 42 ideal for retail trade – restaurants – catering – supermarkets (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables etc.)

Optimal packaging contributes to food safety and HACCP standards.

Modern & User Friendly

The Henkelman Aero 42 is a modern and user-friendly vacuum chamber machine that offers a full range of options. Vacuum sealing with the Aero 42 prolongs the shelf life of products, maintains optimal hygiene, and prevents contamination. The sealer creates a hermetic seal that prevents bacteria from entering and prevents moisture loss and mold growth. With the Henkelman Aero 42, you can preserve the value of your products while ensuring their safety.

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Henkelman Aero Benchtop Vacuum Sealer User Manual

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Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 52.3 × 49.1 × 46.4 cm


Depth (mm)

523 mm

Height (mm)

464 mm

Max. Bag Width (cm)

42 cm

Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar)

-0.99 bar

Power (Watts)

600 Watts

Warranty 12 or 24 months

12 months

Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple)


Width (mm)

491 mm

Chamber Depth (mm)

370 mm

Chamber Height (mm)

180 mm

Chamber Volume (Ltr.)

27 Ltr

Chamber Width (mm)

420 mm

Vac Pump (m3/h) Chamber

16 m3/h


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