LAVA ESD vacuum seal bags
20 x 30cm x 100pc • LAVA i-Vac
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20 x 30cm x 100pc • LAVA i-Vac


Key Features

▹ EMI Shielding ESD for Electronic Components

▹ For External & Chamber Vacuum Sealers

▹ Patented Metallised Multilayer

▹ 100% BPA Free

▹ Made in Switzerland

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20 x 30cm x 100pc • LAVA i-Vac

20 x 30cm x 100pc • LAVA i-Vac

LAVA i-Vac • Extra-Strong EMI Shielding ESD Vacuum Seal Bags

The Lava i-vac ESD vacuum seal bags are perfect for safe vacuum packaging of highly sensitive electronic components.

These opaque bags are impervious to moisture and feature a metallized barrier (meeting MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1 standards) and a special multi-layer material that provides exceptional protection against humidity and static electricity.

Our vacuum sealer recommendation

The Lava Vacuum Packing Machines V.350, V.400, or V.500 are highly recommended to use with these ESD vacuum seal bags. These machines have a super-strong Triple-Sealing feature that creates a reliable vacuum within seconds.

ESD vacuum seal bags Tech-Features:

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR): <0.0003 g/100 inch²/day
  • Puncture Resistance: >20 lbs

Guidelines & Standards

The following guidelines and standards have been met:

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1, EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625, and EOS/ESD standard.

Detailed specifications for all properties are available upon request.


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Vacuum Seal Bag Length (cm)

30 cm

Vacuum Seal Bag Width (cm)

20 cm


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