Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine Preservac PXXL-i400
PRESERVAC PXXL-i400 • Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine (40cm)
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PRESERVAC PXXL-i400 • Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine (40cm)

Original price was: $999.90.Current price is: $899.90.

10 Bonus Vacuum Seal Rolls
10 Bonus Vacuum Seal Rolls

Key Features

▹ Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine
▹ Quick-Lock Closing System
▹ 150 Cycles Non-Stop
▹ 360 Watts
▹ Vac Sealer Weight 5.9 kg
▹ Heavy-Duty DC Motor & Dual Pump
▹ 40 cm Double Seal
▹ -0.9 bar Max. Vacuum Pressure
▹ Air Extraction Vol. 25 Ltr/Min
▹ Integrated Roll Dispenser with Cutter
▹ Includes 1 Roll 40cm x 3m
BONUS: 10 x Vacuum Sealer Rolls
     (2 x 22cm x 5m + 2 x 28cm x 5m + 6 x 40cm x 3m)
▹ 2-year Commercial Use Warranty
▹ 2-years Domestic Use Warranty


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Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine • PRESERVAC PXXL-i400

Hans in Luck is proud to introduce the Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine • PRESERVAC PXXL-i400.

BONUS: 10 x Vacuum Sealer Rolls
     (6 x 40cm x 3m, 2 x 28cm x 5m, 2 x 22cm x 5m)

▹ 2-year Commercial Use Warranty
▹ 2-years Domestic Use Warranty

Commercial vacuum sealing provides a convenient and efficient solution for preserving the freshness and quality of food. The process of vacuum sealing involves placing food into special vacuum seal bags and removing all air from the packaging using a vacuum sealer machine. This results in longer shelf life, preserved flavours, retained nutrients, and retained moisture, making it an ideal solution for kitchens looking to prepare food in advance or to optimize food storage.


Extend food shelf life with this Stylish Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine.

Save money by reducing food waste and time on preparation.

✓ 360 Watts   ✓ 25 Litres/Min   ✓ -0.95bar

Designed to work Hard & Long

The robust and durable PreserVac XXL-i400 vacuum sealer meets the requirements of commercial users. Powerful 360 watts, Super Wide 400mm Double Sealing Bars and the special high-performance Dual Pump with 25 litres per minute create a perfect -0.95 bar vacuum in just a few seconds.  In addition, there is no risk of overheating even with up to 150 vacuum sealing cycles, making it suitable for continuous commercial use.


Ultimate Convenience

Like all PreserVac’s, this Cryovac Machine looks beautiful in any kitchen and has almost all possible functions. The control panel of the fully automatic PreserVac XXL-i400 is very user-friendly. An advanced screen clearly shows the progression & status of your vacuum sealing process.

Peace of Mind

150 consecutive seals without overheating. Not a problem for the PreserVac commercial vacuum sealer machine thanks to the automatic cooling system. The powerful dual-piston DC vacuum pump is also designed for continuous use. For your security, you will receive a 12-month guarantee when you buy it, also for commercial use.


Extreme Wide 40cm Double Seal

Save time by working easier, faster and & more efficient. For use with up to 40cm wide vacuum sealer bags or rolls. This innovative commercial vacuum sealer machine has a cord wrap and a built-in vacuum seal roll dispenser with an integrated roll cutter.


Use Vacuum Canisters

Food stays fresh up to 8x longer under vacuum – and all natural, without preservatives. Due to the oxygen deprivation, the containers are securely sealed so that vitamins, flavours and minerals remain reliably protected. The integrated vacuum container hose allows you to use containers in addition to vacuum seal bags quickly and easily.

Outstanding Vacuum Packaging Results!

Hunters, fishers, campers, farmers, caterers and biltong/ sausage/ cheese & salami makers love to work with the commercial vacuum sealer machine PXXL-i400. And you’ll love to work with it too!

Food Vac Sealing Machine Specifications

Model: PXXL-i400
Power (Wattage): 360 Watts
Voltage: 220V to 240V / 50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 500 x 380 x 105 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Power of Vacuum Pump: 25 Ltr / min.
Max Vacuum Pressure: -0.9 bar
Extra Wide Seal: 2.5 mm Double Seal
Vac Packing and Sealing Operation: Up to 150 vacuum sealing cycles in series without overheating
Anti-Sliding-Feets: 4
Housing: Black Stainless Steel Cover & Plastic
Colour: Black
Weld Seam: Double
Sealing Bar Length: 400 mm
Warranty: ▹ 2-year Commercial Use Warranty
▹ 2-years Domestic Use Warranty
Incl. Accessories: 1 x Vacuum Attachment, 1 x Vacuum Seal Sample Sample Roll 40cm x 3m
10 x Vacuum Sealer Rolls
 (2 x 22 cm x 5m & 2 x 28cm x 5m,
6 x 40cm x 3m)
Country of Origin: P.R.C.


Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine Features

Made for which Foods: Dry, Moist & Extended
Marinating & Container: YES
Removable Drip Tray: YES
Integrated Roll Dispenser: YES
Integrated Foil Cutter: YES
Included Suction Hose: YES
Hidden Cable Storage: YES
Easy to Use: YES
Pulse Function: YES
Automatic Mode: YES
Manual Mode: YES


Decoding the Model Number of the PreserVac PXR-i400:

P       – PreserVac
X      – eXternal Vacuum Sealer
XL   – X-tra Large
R      – Including an integrated Rolls Despenser & Roll Cutter
i        – industrial, commercial & demanding domestic applications
400  – Super wide 400mm Double Sealing Bar


PreserVac PXXL-i400 Manual


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Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 13.5 cm


Height (mm)

105 mm

Width (mm)

500 mm

Depth (mm)

380 mm

Max. Bag Width (cm)

40 cm

Power (Watts)

360 Watts

Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar)

-0.9 bar

Vac Pump (Ltr/Min) External

25 Ltr/Min

Weight (kg)

5.8 kg

Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple)


Warranty 12 or 24 months

24 months

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  1. Cliff (verified owner)

    Love this machine, makes strong vacuum, easy to use. I would buy this vacuum sealer again and give 5 stars out of 5

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    I am delighted with this vacuum sealer. It is so good and the service is brilliant. I just want to keep sealing 😉

  3. Mark S. (verified owner)

    The quality is excellent. The best vacuum sealer on the market by far. My order arrived quickly and the machine works perfectly.

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