The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro • Breville | Polyscience
Breville | Polyscience • The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro

Breville | Polyscience • The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro


Key Features
✅ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
✅ Cold Food Smoker
✅ Includes a Wood Chip Sample
✅ Includes a Smoke Screen Sample
✅ Approved for Commercial Use
✅ Variable Fan Speed: 5.3m/s to 15.1m/s
✅ Removable Stainless Steel Burn Chamber

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The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro for Food • Breville | Polyscience

Explore the Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro • Breville | Polyscience

– The smoking gun is a device that gives food a smoky aroma through cold smoking in just a few minutes.

– The smoking gun is easy to use and very easy to clean. You can easily replace the smoking gun filters.

– The smoke Cloche is suitable as an airtight hood so that the smoke aromas can penetrate the food.

The smoking gun is easy to use

This smoking gun can be used directly at the table. Flavour a wide variety of dishes, such as fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and even cocktails.

Customers praise the compactness for optimal storage in the kitchen, as well as the easy operation of the smoking gun.

With this incense gun, you have the option to buy an additional smoke cloche. The smoking gun creates cold smoke and gives dishes a spicy-smoky flavour.

The smoking gun promises to give dishes a delicious, smoky aroma in just a few minutes.

Smoking has a long tradition and is estimated to go back to 4000 BC. back. Back then, food was smoked to preserve it and make it last longer.

The smoking gun is compact and light and is therefore very mobile. Wood chips or wood pellets are inserted and ignited through a small smoking chamber in the smoking gun.

A long, thin rubber hose directs the smoke directly to the food to be smoked.

The already cooked food to be smoked should be covered with a lid. The hose goes under the lid.

In the next step, the smoking gun is switched on and the inserted wood chips are ignited. You should make sure that the gun only develops smoke for about 20-30 seconds.

It is best to switch on the extractor hood directly. After that, let the food sit for a few minutes to absorb the smoke.


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