Bulk Vacuum Rolls PreserVac
3 Boxes: 2x28cmx5m • 30 packages of PRESERVAC Vacuum Seal Rolls • (60 Rolls (300m) in Total!)
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3 Boxes: 2x28cmx5m • 30 packages of PRESERVAC Vacuum Seal Rolls • (60 Rolls (300m) in Total!)

Original price was: $749.70.Current price is: $399.90.


Key Features

▹ X-Crossed Air-Venting-Ribs
▹ 150 microns
▹ Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
▹ Freezer & Sous Vide
▹ 100% BPA Free
▹ Universal Fit

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3 Boxes: 30 packages of 2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Cryovac Rolls • 150 microns

3 Boxes: 30 packages of 2 x (28cm x 5m) • PRESERVAC X-Crossed Cryovac Rolls • 150 microns • (60 Rolls (300m) in Total !).

These Cryovac Rolls are a high-quality option for keeping your food fresh.

PreserVac Bulk Vacuum Rolls • X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs

BULK Vacuum Rolls order option of the 150 microns Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls  • PRESERVAC X-Crossed.


Avoid the inconvenience of running out of vacuum sealer bags & rolls during crucial moments. Take advantage of Hans in Luck’s cost-effective bulk buy deals and save. Simply store the bulk vacuum rolls in your cupboard, ensuring you always have a steady supply whenever the need arises.

Bulk Vacuum Rolls

Professional Quality Vacuum Rolls for a unbetable Price

Cut down on both time and expenses by minimizing food waste and expediting preparation.

Food Cryovac Rolls Embossed

✓ 150 microns   ✓ Strong 6 Layer PA-PE   ✓ 100% BPA-Free

X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs

The PreserVac Cryovac Rolls, featuring X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs, are an ideal choice for bulk vacuum packaging a wide range of foods. Recognizing the variability in the quality of bags and rolls, we take pride in introducing the Hans in Luck PreserVac premium vacuum sealer collection of Bags & Rolls. Distinguished by their exceptional quality, these bags feature crossed air venting ribs on both sides, ensuring optimal air extraction and reduced liquid movement during the sealing of moist foods. Unlike designs with a smooth side, our bags offer enhanced functionality.

 3 DIFFERENT SIZES (22cm, 28cm & 40cm)

We are Family

With its X-Crossed Air Venting Ribs, these Bulk Vacuum Rolls offer an excellent option for vacuum packaging a diverse array of foods.

Locked in Freshness

The cryovac roll foil is composed of a multilayer composite on both sides, featuring one layer of polyamide and two layers of polyethylene. This unique combination harnesses the benefits of both materials. On one hand, the dual foil sides of the food vacuum seal roll seamlessly fuse together, virtually eliminating the possibility of any leaks.

Strong 150 microns Vacuum Roll Thickness

When searching for high-quality food vacuum seal bags, an essential aspect to take into account is the thickness of the bags. Thicker bags offer enhanced durability and a superior seal compared to thinner counterparts. This safeguard ensures that the bags remain resistant to punctures and tears, preventing food spoilage. The combination of PA/PE with a film thickness of 150 microns guarantees exceptional robustness in the packaging. Thanks to the multi-layer construction, these food vacuum rolls are suitable for extensive applications, including refrigeration, freezing, microwave use, sous vide cooking, and boiling water immersion.

FoodSafe Materials

These Cryovac Rolls are made from 100% BPA-free materials, ensuring that the food you store in them will not be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Strong 150 Microns

The thickness of the Cryovac rolls, at 150 microns, is double that of standard vacuum foils, making them more durable and tear-resistant. This means that your food will be better protected from freezer burn, air exposure, and other factors that can cause it to spoil.

X-Crossed Design

The X-Crossed microchannel design of the rolls allows for maximum air extraction and a tight seal, which helps to preserve the freshness of your food.

Flexible Use

The cryovac vacuum rolls are 22cm wide, making them suitable for a variety of different foods, and they can be cut to size to suit your specific needs. This makes them a versatile option for storing a variety of different foods, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Perfect for ALL applications

These rolls are suitable for use with all cryovac machines, making them a universal option that can be used in both home and commercial settings. They are also safe for use in the freezer, microwave, and even boiling water, making them a versatile option for sous vide cooking. They are great for keeping food fresh for a longer period and perfect for long-term storage.

Summing Up

Overall, PreserVac X-Crossed food saver rolls are BPA-free, 150 microns thick, 22cm wide, microchannel cryovac rolls are a top-quality choice for keeping your food fresh. They are durable, versatile, and safe for use with a variety of different foods and cooking methods. Whether you’re storing food for later use or preparing meals in advance, these rolls are sure to help you keep your food fresh and delicious.

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Vacuum Seal Roll Length (m)

2 x 5m

Vacuum Seal Roll Width (cm)

22 cm


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